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BRP Tax is a subsidiary company of BRP Bizzozero & Partners SA It’s not only about compliance. It’s about your business development.

Its purpose is to help private banks and wealth managers meet the new challenges in the field of client taxation, in European countries and globally. The products and services of BRP Tax (Country Manuals Tax, Monitoring of Tax Risks, training and consulting) cover all activities connected with taxation in the context of private wealth management. A 360-degrees, trans-disciplinary approach is applied to the taxation of investments with Tax Suitability Ratings by Product for cross-border investment services. The company combines expertise in legal/tax, compliance, portfolio management, banking operations and IT, in order to provide advice that is truly applicable to the workplace.

Country Manuals Tax

Our Country Manuals Tax, created especially for Wealth Managers and Asset Managers facilitate the implementation of a risk approach on financial investments.

Wealth Leaders and Wealth Architects anticipate changes in regulatory requirements and design their investment services in accordance with Product & Tax Suitability for a successful Customer Experience.

BRP Tax provides a comprehensive overview of the tax regulations and practices applying to private cross-border clients whose assets are in custody of a non-domestic bank. The aim is to take into account the tax impact of investments within the framework of a management (or advisory) mandate , mitigates the Commercial and Civil Risks and embrace the competitive challenge for this new environment.

BRP Tax digitizes the tax manuals in order to integrate tax guidance for cross-border investment services and proposes Tax Suitability Rating by Product (CFI, ISIN) with Comments and Alerts for a Full Asset Class Matrix.

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Monitoring of Tax Risks

MTR is a unique Tax Compliance tool with a country by country approach that assists financial institutions in managing legal risks connected to their clients’ tax obligations and assists with decision – making in the context of Swiss / Luxembourg obligations to combat Money Laundering. It provides crucial tax information needed by Compliance Officers to identify the risks of a business relation in tax matters.

The Monitoring of Task Risks (MTR) represents the Tax Compliance Cockpit that assists Legal, Risk & Compliance Officers to perform tax due diligence and mitigate with a systematic manner the Bank risks connected to Predicate Tax Offense to Money Laundering (Art. 305bis CH CC), Onboarding of Structure and Tax Transparency Rules, Evidences of Tax Compliance and Voluntary Disclosure Programs.

In addition to the regulatory requirement of Art. 21 AMLO FINMA addressed by the current MTR, the new MTR 2021 section will encompass Art. 9a AMLO FINMA requirements for clarifications when Onboarding Structures as well as Art. 13 al. 2 let. h AMLO-FINMA requirements for Complex Structures with transaction monitoring as per Art. 15 AMLO-FINMA.

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Training & Review



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